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Hello world!

Hello world! Posted by on May 17, 2016

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The lost son

I came back earlier from trying to help the family of a guy who died this afternoon. His homeless friends had been trying to get help for him for the past four days. They had tried taking him to the hospital, but were apparently chased away. They had tried several times to call an ambulance, also over the last 4 days, but not one...

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HIllbrow New Years Eve

Below is a video is the view from our third floor balcony on new years eve at 11:55pm. It was fireworks mania. Below that I have posted a bit of the story of what happened earlier in the night. [] We saw too much brokenness last night! When I arrived back from the shops in the car at about...

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Meeting Coach

Wıth Coach… He has traıned 17 world champıon fıghters and has now opened a world class gym ın Hıllbrow. Two years ago Gert was stabbed 18 tımes and left for dead on the streets. Some street chıldren helped hım and saved hıs lıfe. Thıs ıs how he ıs payıng them back #StoryOfHope — with Gert...

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Get Hannah’s friends back to school

Let Hannah’s friends go back to school We have asked the Centre for Child Law to intervene to help get some of Hannah’s friends back to school. They keep being put out of school each month because their parents cannot pay school fees. They are now being prevented from writing exams and getting their marks. Here is an...

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Is our gospel good news to the poor?

Dear friends… Today I visited a woman who has experienced more suffering than anyone I know, a mother of 5 small children, 3 of whom are now dead. Her firstborn, Tamari, 5, was born in 2007. She is now 5. Her second baby, a little boy, was born on 7 August 2008. On 20 August 2008, unbelievably, he was snatched from her as she...

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Sadness today

Trish’s good friend Sukoluhle’s new baby has died. This is the second child she has lost in a year. Again this was an issue of ambulances which did not arrive quick enough and the hospital preventing her from prenatal care when she needed it. Service delivery in this area is shocking! In the inner city of Joburg we...

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Hitting Hillbrow’s streets

This is what I was told tonight… “I ended up on the streets again at the age of 14. It was the last time I run away from home, which I had been doing since the age of 6. It wasn’t a free choice. It was not where I wanted to live. I tried talking with my teachers they didn’t believe what I told them about my...

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