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Hello world!

Hello world! Posted by on May 17, 2016

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Story on us in May 2013 Oprah Magazine

For those who missed it, here is the article that appeared in the May issue of Oprah magazine Click below Link to Oprah Article on Nigel and Trish

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God is good… all the time!

I have never before in my life seen more  evil, injustice and abuse around me as I have in the last two weeks, and yet I have found myself on numerous occasions saying “Wow, God is good!”. The amazing thing is that I have not uttered these words trying to work up faith in my heart, but rather in response to the signs of...

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Peanut butter and Jam (by Carey Dowse)

If you’d asked me 24hrs ago what kind of people I thought lived in Hillbrow I would’ve said: foreigners, drug lords, crooks, thieves, uneducated, hopeless & desperate souls. I don’t doubt that there are aspects of truth to the above but after what I saw and experienced last night, I am utterly embarrassed by...

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What I witnessed

Today  I  witnessed  the  police  confiscate  goods  from  people  selling  them  on  the  side  of  the  street. The Police drove up and parked their car. Then  of  a  sudden  the  people  who  were  selling  the  goods  got up, grabbed  their  stuff  and  ran  away, all  except an  old  lady  who  could  not  run. She  tried  to ...

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Struggle for children to attend school

Another “fun” day… just came back from a heated discussion with a headmaster and principal of an inner-city private school who have reneged on a deal from last year to release three children’s school reports for non-payment after a payment plan was negotiated and has been complied with to date. This is...

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The most powerful sermon ever

Before we went out onto the streets last night, we read together the sermon on the mount (Mat 5,6 and 7). These simple counter culture words from the greatest sermon even preached stirred every one of us. As we went around the room talking about the passage I was struck again by the power of the words. We discussed what it is to...

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God Loves People

We had a wonderful evening on the streets visiting old friends and making new ones. I had the privilege of praying for a man with a big boil that was very painful and preventing him from sleeping. God healed him. It was such an honor to be present and witness God touching lives. I enjoyed spending time praying for guys, many of...

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