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Hello world!

Hello world! Posted by on May 17, 2016

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Making poverty personal – Ash Barker

A heartfelt cry from Ash barker on making poverty personal []

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Light in the Asphalt Jungle – by Vincent Harding

  Deeply stirred by this poem… oh how we need folk to move into neighbourhoods like Hillbrow all over the world… it is long but worth a read           Light in the Asphalt Jungle – Written by Vincent Harding I I had a dream. And I saw a city, A city that rose up out of the crust of the earth. And...

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It’s Friday… but Sunday is comin’

                It’s Friday… but Sunday is comin’ – S.M. Lockridge’s It’s Friday Jesus is praying Peter’s a sleeping Judas is betraying But Sunday’s comin’ It’s Friday Pilate’s struggling The council is conspiring The crowd is vilifying They don’t even know That...

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My Kind of Church

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We love living in Hillbrow…

We love living in Hillbrow and feel so privileged to be able to constantly enjoy community the way we do. Many friends often talk of our sacrifice (for leaving our six bedroom home in the suburbs) or of our courage (for moving into the notoriously “dangerous” Hillbrow). The paradoxical truth that many don’t get is...

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My Blanket story

Lets make sure that this winter we remember the homeless in our city. At the end of this month, buy some extra blankets, beanies, scarves, gloves… wait for a cold night and then conspire with some friends to go make some new friends, friends who are homeless or really need some of your TLC… take peanut butter...

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A story I heard today…

We had coffee today with a man (and his brother) who was sent to prison (and spent 9 years there) for a crime he says he did not commit. He has now been out of prison for 9 years. While awaiting trial in prison he met a mutual friend Colin Bompas who all those years back attended all of his court appearances, visited him,...

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