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Hello world!

Hello world! Posted by on May 17, 2016

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An incredibly inspiring clip

This clip from the Ghandi movie is incredibly inspiring. The moral authority of the British Empire shifted as a result of this non-violent action. []

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Most importantly…

I am coming more and more to the conclusion that in this community, filled with it’s brokenness, in fact in all communities, the most needed response is love. Love is our most powerful weapon. Love is the only force behind true healing and restoration. Love looks prejudice, hatred, violence, indifference and injustice in the...

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EQUIP with a difference…

So last week saw our whole family joining the church throngs representing many different congregations, which gathered at the 2012 Equip Conference held at Cornerstone Church in Bedfordview, from Wednesday 3rd to Friday 5th October. Except that this time we joined rich and poor by bringing our 2 special Zimbabwean friends and their...

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Looking Back

Well, the past three weeks since we returned from a wonderfully refreshing holiday down at the coast (thanks to 2 special friends!) have been very interesting firstly in terms of relationship building and secondly, in getting our volunteer flat ready to be used. In the first week, 10 -16 September, we successfully tried out the...

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Hannah loves looking at the crowds

Hannah, our 11 year old daughter often tells me how much she loves looking out from the balcony at the people walking by. She says it reminds her of the reason she is here… the people. It reminds me of Jesus in Matthew 9 vs 36 where it says “when he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them”. Often in life we...

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Carte Blanche – Nigel’s Hillbrow

Well Carte Blanche has aired the story about our move to Hillbrow… Here is a link to the show Here is the press release from Carte Blanche about the Show Nigel’s Hillbrow – crime and grime have seen the more affluent seek sanctuary in the suburbs. So...

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A great day with the NCCB office staff

Today a team from the New Covenant Church Bryanston (NCCB) office came out with some furniture for our volunteer flat and also joined us for the memorial service for a little 6 year old child who died when he fell from the 10th floor. It was a memorable day full of fun, joy, laughter and also some very touching moments. Here are...

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