Partnering with us

Since moving to Hillbrow in May 2012, we have a real deepening vision of transformation in our city, but recognize that achieving this requires prayer, volunteers, and financial partners. Here is a bit more detail about the journey and how you can help:

Transform is an NGO which was started by Nigel and Trish Branken to support and facilitate their work of community transformation in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, South Africa. The people who work at Transform have fully submersed themselves into this dream by moving into the community and standing in solidarity with those who live their. Nigel and Trish Branken, who lead transform moved in in May 2012 after recognizing the challenges of extreme poverty and inequality faced in South Africa. They wanted to model a counter cultural lifestyle and become a sign of hope of what South Africa could be like. They formed an intentional community of people who have relocated to Hillbrow, remained in Hillbrow and returned to Hillbrow as well as consisting of several volunteers with the primary purpose of “becoming friends to our neighbours and good neighbours to our friends”. They also seek to be a bridge to heal the divides in their city bringing together people across racial, economic, class and even national lines. As a community they keep asking the question – “What is a good neighbor?”

This can look very different every day. On some days it is helping out some children with homework at their learning center, on another day it is visiting homeless friends, ensuring they get access to city clinics or sharing a meal with them; it can include simply sharing meals and having fun with many of their friends who beg for a living, or advocating for the rights of foreigners and refugees; on another day it can be some non-violent protest about an issue affecting their community. They have also established a reconciliation center where weekly community and reconciliation meetings are held and transformative conversations take place.

Recognizing that our dreams will never be achieved without people who will partner with us, we need help. We need people who will partner with us in prayer, by volunteering and by supporting us financially.

If you would like to partner with us in prayer or by volunteering, please contact us via the form on this website. Please will you also consider supporting us monthly financially. You are also welcome to make once off donations should you not be able to make a regular commitment. Would you also please pray that God would provide all we need to make the vision real.

You can make a contribution through the Given Gain site at the following link:


or make a deposit into our account:

Transform Bank Account Details:                                                                          

Account Name: Transform
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Rosebank
Branch Code: 253305
Account Number: 62375585919
Account Type: Cheque Account

You may want to make a contribution to Nigel and Trish Branken directly and can do so by making a deposit into their personal account. Here are the details:

Nigel and Trish Branken Account Details
Account Name: NK Branken
Bank: ABSA Bank
Branch: Centurion
Branch Code: 632005
Account Number: 4056870657
Account Type: Cheque Account

Thank you for all your support

Nigel and Trish Branken

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