A few of our favorite media highlights from the last two years…

Here are just a few of our favorite news articles and television documentaries written/ made about our work over the last two years…







Daily Maverick: Hope in Hillbrow: ‘If Jesus lived anywhere, it would be here’

The Daily Maverick visits a white, Christian family who moved into the centre of white fear: Hillbrow in downtown Johannesburg. JESSICA EATON finds out why. (Photos by THAPELO LEKGOWA)

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Carte Blanche: Nigel’s Hillbrow (Part 1 and Part 2)

Older generations romanticise about when they used to live in hip Hillbrow. But crime and grime have seen the more affluent seek sanctuary in the suburbs… So what made Nigel and Trish and their five young children want to leave leafy suburbia for this concrete melting pot? Carte Blanche finds out

Part 1                  Part 2


Oprah Magazine: In the Heart of Hillbrow (May 2013 Issue)
A family shares the sights and sounds that make Joburg’s gritty inner city the place they happily call home. By Norma Young

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France24: Interview with Nigel Branken (second story)


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And a blog from one of our friends Sami Awad
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