We love living in Hillbrow…

We love living in Hillbrow and feel so privileged to be able to constantly enjoy community the way we do. Many friends often talk of our sacrifice (for leaving our six bedroom home in the suburbs) or of our courage (for moving into the notoriously “dangerous” Hillbrow). The paradoxical truth that many don’t get is that when you lay down your life and give away your life you come alive. Purposeful living is found in sacrificial giving. Sharing your possessions and life with your community is the doorway to a life filled with love.

The truth is laying down our lives is largely about laying down our fears. Fear prevents us from living the life we dream of. The best way to overcome fear is through developing love – when we develop loving relationships with those on the margins, we find the “sacrifice factor” dissipates. When we sacrifice because we love we find deep joy is released and soon we are not living a life of sacrifice, but a life of love.

Imagine a South Africa where we all truly loved, shared and cared for one another!