The power of nutrition

I met with an Asoka fellow (, Johannesburg resident, industrial chemist and e-Pap developer, Basil Kransdorff, yesterday. It was a very interesting and inspiring meeting. He showed me some remarkable photos and shared lots of stories of recovery of health of people, many literally on their death beds, as they accessed proper nutrition through this fortified power-packed nutritional food supplement, e-Pap. Many of the diseases of poverty are opportunistic and the fight against them is assisted by with good nutrition.

Interestingly, while talking to him about some of my friends challenges (like many who are addicted to heroin and other street drugs), he told me that good nutrition plays an important role in people’s ability to make good decisions and life changes. When people are nutrition depleted, he said, their struggle to fight for change or give up addictions is more difficult, and so when proper nutrition is accessed, it can sometimes give people the psychological boost required to make life changes.

In connection with food gardening in the inner city he suggested that the focus of balcony gardens, roof-top gardens etc should be nutrition security and NOT food security. This little gem of information can be a game changer. When we focus on growing plants in a healthy, organic manner to enhance their nutritional value, we can make a huge impact on general health of the family growing them. The focus is then on supplementing the almost unavoidably cheap and nutritionally deplete normal inner city diet with nutritional supplements like e-Pap and with home grown food. #AlwaysLearning #HelpfulInformation