Leaders the world needs

The world is full of leaders, but not the kind the world needs. We need leaders with a vision of a new world based not on the values of consumerism, materialism, individualism, greed and self-advancement but rather upside-down, counter-culture servants who through humility and love bring about justice, liberation, equality, freedom and hope.

So many people go into service because they want to lead. It should be the other way round, we lead because we want to serve. Our service should always be rooted in love. The leaders the world needs most are those willing to be signposts of a new world. Those who dare to dream of the future (free from racism, exploitation, poverty and abuse) and live in a counter-culture way as if the future already exists.

These leaders are seeds of hope and evidence that a new world is possible because within them is the DNA of what they have become. This credible leadership comes not from having connections in high places who give you influence, but rather from having genuine, deep and equal relationships which seek to advance the cause of those who can do nothing for you.

Bring on a new breed of leaders!

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