Hillbrow Sleep Out in Solidarity with the Homeless

Keep this date: 16 June 2013

Stand in Solidarity with the homeless in Hillbrow. It is going to be loads of fun – as we eat, laugh, share stories and get some sleep (not so much) together – Details to follow shortly! PS. 17 June is a public holiday – so come and make a night of it.<br />We are going to need you to bring a few things (e.g. plate of eats, blankets you can leave behind etc.) for the evening. If you plan on comming sign up on our Facebook Event Page or send an email to nigel@transforming.org.za.




  1. NigelBranken /

    You can leave a message here is you want to RSVP as well and are not on Facebook, but please do have a look at our Facebook event page (http://on.fb.me/14drvIH) before you come to get details of what you need to bring. Nigel Branken

  2. NigelBranken /

    Here are some notes on what you can bring…
    1. Bring blankets to sleep on – you can bring a pillow if you really need to 🙂
    2. Bring blankets to leave behind
    3. Bring peanut butter – which we use for our food we distribute on Thursday nights
    4. Bring tinned food for distribution to families in need
    5. Bring things you think may help

    Most importantly bring yourself… if you cant bring some of the stuff above, just come… we love sharing!

  3. NigelBranken /

    Just a quick note on Security Arrangements for the evening… the Lutheran church grounds are really a peaceful haven within Hillbrow. The grounds are surrounded by high walls and buildings, and only two entrances (one for cars and one for pedestrians) will be open on the night. Both entrances will have security at them from a local security company.

    Secure parking has been arranged underground the MES Aksie building (off Edith Carvel Street) which has a gate directly onto the Lutheran Church lawns where we will be meeting. A security gate from the underground parking will lead you directly onto the grounds where we will be meeting.

    Lutz Ackermann, the Lutheran Friedenskirche Church pastor will also be on standby for anyone who feels vulnerable to assist them.

    On a personal note…
    While we will take precautions and will do all we can to not take unnecessary risks, but cannot guarantee that everyone coming will have good intentions. On the last two sleep outs that I went to there were no incidents that I am aware of. We are taking our 5 small children and feel that it is safe to do that. We will however be keeping a close eye on them all night. Please feel free to call my wife or I and we will try to answer any further questions you may have. I can email you our numbers if you wish. Just send a message using the contacts page link above.

  4. NigelBranken /

    Parking – you can park on the day in the MES Aksie Parking at 32 Edith Carvel street. Here are the directions… tell the guard you are coming to the sleep out.


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