God Loves People

We had a wonderful evening on the streets visiting old friends and making new ones. I had the privilege of praying for a man with a big boil that was very painful and preventing him from sleeping. God healed him. It was such an honor to be present and witness God touching lives. I enjoyed spending time praying for guys, many of whom long for reconciliation with their families, freedom from addictions and are also desperate for circumstances to change. We prayed and encouraged them.

Unfortunately we also heard many stories of police abuses over the festive season. One man had a massive “scar” across his face from being hit with a whip by the police. There was also a quite horrific incident on Christmas Day which happened to the group of guys we normally visit outside the KFC. A group of men came and beat some of them up, stabbing 5 of them. One guy who had been on the streets for just three days died of his injuries. The group were very traumatized and have moved from the KFC.

It was good to be there for our friends and hear their stories. I am really growing to love these times and these people!


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