HIllbrow New Years Eve

Below is a video is the view from our third floor balcony on new years eve at 11:55pm. It was fireworks mania. Below that I have posted a bit of the story of what happened earlier in the night.


We saw too much brokenness last night! When I arrived back from the shops in the car at about 4pm, there was a man just outside our building injecting himself with heroine. At about 5pm (before the throwing started), we also saw police arriving in an unmarked car, and then beating up 3 men playing cards on the side of the road (probably gambling).

At about 7pm the throwing started… loads of bottles (glass and plastic with water) and some rubble was thrown… it was mostly aimed at cars and pedestrians… it was pretty hectic! As soon as a pedestrian came along, the bottles started flying from every direction and they started running for cover. I saw one mom with her child in arms running away. We saw a few cars hit and one of the guys saw an old lady hit… but for the most part the people were not getting hit.

At about 2am police arrived again (in a Rattle). They went to the building across the road from us and went up the stairs to the third floor. They forced the people from the bottom three floors down the stairs and then tried to force them to try sweep up some of the mess that had been made. Bottles were still being thrown at them and the people were pleading/ screaming in desperation with the police not to force them onto the streets.

A orgy of violence!!!

What is the gospel solution to this?

Here are some pictures…

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