Get Hannah’s friends back to school

Let Hannah’s friends go back to school
We have asked the Centre for Child Law to intervene to help get some of Hannah’s friends back to school. They keep being put out of school each month because their parents cannot pay school fees. They are now being prevented from writing exams and getting their marks.
Here is an except from the letter of demand sent by the lawyers to the school…
“…Please be informed that the children have a constitutional right to education and that you have an obligation not to interfere with the children’s right to education. We understand that you are an independent school and that you are entitled to the fees you charge. However, in accordance with the children’s constitutional rights and the content given to those rights by the Constitutional Court, you may not act in a manner that negatively impacts on their right.
We understand that as an independent school you can not be forced to admit the learners indefinitely despite non-payment by the parents. However in order to prevent harm to the children, they must be allowed to finish the year and their examinations 2012. They may seek admission to a public school for the academic year 2013.
By impeding the children’s access to examinations at this late stage of the year you are violating their constitutional right to education and placing their access to education for the academic year for 2012 at risk.
We therefore demand that you admit the learners and allow their to finish their examinations. Any outstanding monies may be recovered from the parents through your normal contractual remedies without affecting the children’s right.”
The lawyers have given the school until 3pm today to respond or they will be going to the high court tomorrow to force the school to do so.
Hannah asks that you share this on your Facebook wall in protest against this practice. Get Hannah’s friends and all children back to school!

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