Sadness today

Trish’s good friend Sukoluhle’s new baby has died. This is the second child she has lost in a year. Again this was an issue of ambulances which did not arrive quick enough and the hospital preventing her from prenatal care when she needed it. Service delivery in this area is shocking! In the inner city of Joburg we apparently have some of the highest infant mortality rates in the world. I personally have seen 3 out of the 4 new borns born to my inner city friends die in the last year. Poverty kills! Another reason to be here…


  1. Gaynor Grace /

    So sorry to hear about that. What did her baby die of and how old was he/she? Why was she prevented from accessing prenatal care? I am a medical student currently training at a primary clinic, surprised to hear that she was denied access to prenatal care.

    • NigelBranken /

      Hi Gaynor, thanks for your concern. I am not a medical person, but what I understand that there were complications at birth with the baby being in breech and the umbilical cord not letting oxygen through. The baby was in ICU for about a day before dying. The doctors told the mom that this was caused by the delay in getting her to hospital.

      I will ask my wife Trish to get more details about the neonatal care for you and post later. Trish has posted more of the story here…

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