Recycling Fun!

Today for Science we learned all about recycling, compliments of the new Spur magazine (Well Done, Spur!) which had dedicated 2 pages to making a ship and a car out of a milk carton and a coke can respectively, to fit in with their travel theme.

When brainstorming the subject, the kids came up with so many great ideas and ways to introduce more recycling to our area, including recycling workshops and craft days in our new volunteers’ flat! (Incidentally, the flat may be ready as soon as the end of next week, so get ready, people!) Jordan made the  amazing ship with very little help, and Hannah and Rachel both made decoratively-painted bird feeders, plant pots, and patterned cups and bowls, all out of 2 litre plastic coke bottles! And with so many brightly coloured poster paints, Daniel and Sarah could join in and make something too!



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