Snow Day!!

Quotes from our combined facebook pages today read as follows:
“Let’s DO this…one last blast into winter giving, to people who might die on the streets tonight…” (Trish)
“It’s snowıng ın Hıllbrow… I thınk we should hand out blankets and jerseys and beanıes tonıght (7 Aug 2012). We wıll meet at 6:30 and leave at 6:45 from the BP garage, corner Empıre and Joubert , you can meet us to drop off donatıons or come along. Share thıs wıth all your Jozı frıends! Lets love our cıty tonıght!” (Nigel)
Well, tonight’s giving to the homeless and street workers in and around our suburb was alot of FUN for our family and 2 volunteers who happily squashed into our car, and possibly LIFE-SAVING for those we were able to give to on the street…a 21-year old guy called Lukas died last night while sleeping in a park close to our flat…we only had 14 blankets to give out, which was difficult to share among the groups of people we came across…also 2 black bags of warm tops and jackets, 11 beanies and a few loaves of bread. Many reached out for love as well and we prayed for those who asked for prayer.
Most meaningful to me was the POLITENESS and SELF-CONTROL of the people on the receiving end, also the giving of ONE WARM BLANKET to a man who literally had none while he tried to sleep curled up in a busy street corner. It felt good too to tuck him in and put a beanie on his head.
According to Mandla – our “field guide” in the area, and friend not only to us but many of the street people we encountered tonight(!) – this man has lived on the streets in Hillbrow since 1992!! I was very glad to get back to the warmth and comfortable beds of our flat…and also very aware of the suffering (and strength of character) we were leaving behind…
We may do some more blanket/clothing drives this week.
Temperature Readings for this Week…!!!
Snow in Joubert Park!

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