Blanket drop…

It was a meaningful evening handing out blankets, jerseys, clothing and bread to the many freezing homeless of our city this evening. We, however, did hear the sad news of a young 21 year old man named Lucas who died of the cold in the park last night. Other related news was that the Joburg Metro Police conducted their raids on Hillbrow’s homeless last night and took away all their blankets.

What I do not understand about this is that the city has enough money to enforce bylaws to remove undesirable blankets, but not enough money to get

Paulos, Robert and Johannes will sleep warmer tonight

a regular rubbish removal service to remove the trash which piles up on our Hillbrow’s streets daily. It seems like the values are all upside down.

We also heard that there are not enough shelters for the homeless in the city and many charge fees to stay there for a night. The one shelter requires you have a South African ID to stay there.I am glad we could be there tonight to support these precious people, but come on Joburg, we really can do better!!!

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