Exciting news…

The NEWS is out! We have secured a large ground floor volunteers flat (with exclusive outside back area) which we plan to also use for a learning facility for the kids from the block. This was always part of our dream for the area…So excited! Volunteers sign up here…!


  1. Nurina Ally /


    I am interested in volunteering in Hillbrow. I work at the Constitutional court and would like to spare a few hours each week helping out in the neighbourhood. Can you point me int he right direction? I am unfortunately not skilled in music, but would be happy to work with kids. Would also be quite keen on getting involved with cleaning up programmes and gardening/greening/library programmes.


    • Hi Nurina

      Thanks for commenting on our blog. Wow, working at the Constitutional court, that is amazing! What do you do there?

      There are lots of places which need help in Hillbrow. We are starting a learning centre in the next month or so where we will be helping children with after school homework and also starting a small library. Trish and I would love to show you around if you are free. Trish’s number is 083 499 6073 and mine is 083 341 2385. Let’s host you one afternoon for tea if you like… We are only a few blocks away.

      There are also loads of other organizations doing really exciting things as well … We really believe that the transformation our city is going to take people volunteering all over.

      The Lutheran Outreach Foundation, for example, has a Kids Week (a holiday programme for children which runs 3 or 4 times a year). I could invite Mandla from the programme over when you come for tea and he can tell you a bit about what they do.

      Let us know when you are free and we can set something up. Feel free to bring a friend or two.



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