Madiba Magic!

Our family spent their time today helping out at the Hillbrow Clinic for the day… our friends at the Rehab Unit had put on a real treat for the community. The theme was TOUCH 1000 LIVES. We handed out blankets, beanies and food and then had a super delicious lunch together… and there was super fun entertainment! It was a great day!!!

Ariella Diamond (one of the organisers) had this to say: “Mandela Day at Hillbrow Clinic was beyond our dreams! We touched 1000 lives- 1000 scarves and beanies, tins of food,packs of Millie meal, juices and over 1000 hot meals cooked by woolworths as well as a kiddies party with party packs and cake… A day of celebration and cultural entertainment with a treat from Dj Sbu 🙂 an unforgettable experience!”


Singing “Happy Birthday” to Madiba…

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