A world class african city???

I have just written a letter to the Johannesburg Municipal manager to ask him to remove the rubbish on the plot of land opposite where we live. This is after first reporting it to Joburg connect on 25 March, and then to the pickitup local depo, and then to the city health department, and then to the city environmental agency. No one has responded yet.

Apparently the land is owned by the city. People are trying to get rid of the rubbish by burning it which is very unhealthy for the nearly 10,000 people who breathe in the air directly around the plot of land. In addition we have a massive rat infestation caused by this which is also a public health risk. The city has not replaced the pickitup waste removal vehicle for Hillbrow which apparently broke down a long time ago which is also why waste on the streets is left for days. We now share a vehicle with another neighboring suburb so waste collection is irregular to say the least.

This is all happening in the most densely populated part of South Africa where the poorest of the poor live. If anyone should have a clean environment, it is areas like this where huge numbers of people are affected.

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