Funeral and Burial of Baby Lynne

Today Nigel and I attended the funeral and the burial of  our blind friend, Sukoluhle’s little 10 month old baby, Lynne. After a very meaningful Methodist Church service to celebrate her short life, we travelled in a taxi together with relatives and close friends to the burial site in Soweto. Never seen so many, many small graves, row upon row, numbering thousands upon thousands, grave sites for the poor… So moved… by the separation of mother and child …by the roughness and the noise of the sand and stone as it was shovelled on top of the tiny white coffin…by the desperate levels of poverty this mother and her family battle through every day, with few comforts to warm their spirits or their bodies. Surely, He was “a man of sorrows and familiar with suffering” (Isaiah). Thank you Jesus for your identification with our humanity. All of our hope is in You…

These are live-changing moments that I shall never forget…Rest in peace, little girl.

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