Two Weeks in Hillbrow

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks living in Hillbrow!! Some courageous people I have met so far: a group of professional medicals who have chosen to work at the Hillbrow Community Clinic and who with amazing energy and enthusiasm tackle their daily challenges (and some of ours!); a nameless man who sweeps the outside ground floor of an adjacent block of flats from 6.30 every morning, sifting through an unhealthy assortment and amount of refuse thrown down by the residents; Shoni and Prince, who tirelessly sweep and clean the refuse in every public area of our block every day; and a group of about 10 homeless boys/men who sleep on the pavements in a side road close to us. These are only a very few of the unsung heroes who have crossed paths with us. We are loving getting to know this community.

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