Why we moved to Hillbrow

Here is the beginning of an explanation on why we have moved to Hillbrow.

Ghandi said “we must become the change we want to see in the world”. I want to see a world in which the rich do not tolerate extreme poverty and inequality. I want to see many people actually laying down their lives of comfort and convenience for the sake of bettering the lives of others. Seeing people freed from poverty, inequality, racism and exploitation is more important than fulfilling our lust for more things!I want to be part of a society in which people are valued more than things. I want to see the god of consumerism in South Africa bowing it’s knee to a love motivated revolution which results in freedom from oppression and exploitation. I want to see this for all people, regardless of class, citizenship, race or religion.I dream of equality in every sector of society. I believe that if the education system is not OK for a rich kid, it is not OK for a poor kid. The same goes with healthcare, housing, security. The same goes for rural kids and inner city kids. The same for black kids and white kids. I am not more valuable than the least valued in our society.I am going to do my life in a new way. I am going to live my dream and see this reality briefly described above happening around me. I hope others will join me and this will happen around them too. Who knows, very soon, the world can be a different place!